Dr. Titus P. Varghese

Dr.Titus P Varghese imparts a dedicated effective treatment to the suffers of the following mental and sexual morbid conditions using the modern equipments.
The Major Treatments are;
Lack of Sensibility , Schizophrenia , Depression , Mental disorders, Study problems, Melancholy, Mental derangement, Feeling of ghost haunting, Fatigue, hallucinations, Haring of peculiar sounds, Somnambulism, Mental collapse at times, Abnormal forgetfulness, Scepticism (paranoia), Uncontrollable Anger, Obstinacy, Homosexuality-lesbianism, Sexual debility sexual frigidity & phobia in women, Unusual piety, Over eating, Flirtatious habits, Misconceptions, Kleptomania, Frustration, Gossiping, Absconding, Fear, Insomnia, Inferiority complex, Unsuppressable inclination to retaliation (Revenge), Incapability to make friendship, Uncontrollable guilty conscience, Dreadfulness, Quietude , Necrophobia, Fear of morbidity, Loneliness, Peculiar behavioral deviations hatred and arrogance towards everybody, Feeling of solitude, Depression of love failure, Conjugal problems, Falling victim again to matters once abjured, Suicidal tendency, Hesitancy to face people, Inability to respond timely, Aversion to life, Boundless impulse, Uncontrollable Masturbation etc